John F. Kennedy

The London Story

Bernard Marshall presents a fascinating look on how London helped shape a young John F. Kennedy’s life.

Available on the 28th July, 2023

Available on the 28th July, 2023

In John F. Kennedy: The London Story, Bernard A. Marshall reveals the extraordinary and little known role that Britain came to play in Kennedy’s life. By unveiling the drama of youthful years, we see how he really evolved and emerged to inspire the free world.

Two months after his twenty-first birthday, Jack, as he was known by friends, came to join his father, the American Ambassador, in London. The handsome Harvard student with a disarming smile had little idea how England on the eve of war would change his life. After she was presented at Court, his devoted sister and ‘most exciting debutante of ’38’, Kick, introduced him to a small circle of young aristocrats, all descended from families that had long ruled England. Fascinated by books on Britain’s history and tales from the Court of King Arthur, Jack felt immediately at home.